Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Not another one??

Today: Supta konasana.

I'm not counting how many asanas stand between me and the end of primary...I just refuse. I'm trying to remember that just like the freak-out I have started having about my new job, I just need to stay present and stop looking ahead to the unknown that lies in my future (and making up stories of how much I'm going to hate it all). Also trying to ignore the little voice telling me that I'm only getting these new asanas so fast because my teacher knows I'm going away soon....

Full tears in assisted baddha konasana today, but I can feel so much opening up happening in my hips (not to mention some very loud clunks and clicks!) that it almost seems worth the agony (I said almost!). 

That is all.


  1. Hey Mel, well done, I'm sure Cary is only giving you new poses because she thinks your ready.

  2. Oh yes, I've been there. I just recently got the final pose of Primary, Setu Bandhasana, after months and months.

    If you are being moved along quickly, it's because you can handle it! Believe me, being held back hurts just as much ... just not in the body :) ego anyone?

    Oh, and crying happens. A lot. I like to think it helps. Even the advanced people in my shala cry.

  3. I just got Supta Konasana today too! I've enjoyed reading your blog, as you're tracking my own experience more closely than most other ashtangis out there. (p.s.: 4 more poses!)

  4. Thanks Helen, I hope you are right :)

    Loo - thank you too and well done to you!! I had the experience of being "stuck" on bujadidasana for what felt like forever and I didn't like it one bit. But the feeling now is different, of things spinning out of my control and slightly faster than I can handle. As I will soon not be in a position to get to the shala daily I'm just worried about how to sustain things. Non-attachment will be my next practice I think! And I am a one for tears...I like that it's OK to cry in the shala, nobody even really notices and certainly nobody judges.If I tell my teacher she usually says "That's great!" :)

    kt - great to hear from you! I am happy that you said that, it feels like I just came across a few great bloggers recently who seem to have been practising a similar length of time and it's great to get that support. It's not that we can't learn from people with more advanced pracices, far FAR from it, but it's great to know you're not the only one who hasn't got to the end of primary. Yet ;)
    p.s. I already counted on Sunday (by mistake) when there were 5 left so I do know, I'm just trying not to think about it! ;) Plus I reckon setu bandhasana will be enough of a challenge to hold off the horror of dropbacks for quite some time!

  5. trying to ignore the little voice telling me that I'm only getting these new asanas so fast because my teacher knows I'm going away soon....

    Ah, come on. Do you *really* think that? What if you asked her . . . ?

    I struggle to imagine a teacher thinking that new poses are really what you need just as she lets you loose on the world to practise without her!

  6. I agree with everyone- you're getting the poses because you're ready!

    Loo's comment cracked me up: "Even the advanced people in my shala cry.". hell yeah. Everyone cries! If not in the shala, then probably in their car on the way home!

    Have fun with it and keep us posted!