Friday, 15 October 2010

And when I say I am here...

...I really should have included a picture shouldn't I? So let's put that right...I am HERE! :)


  1. Where's the "Like" button on here? Consider this "Like"d!!

  2. Oh my God, lucky you! I miss Centered Yoga so much, enjoy the steam bath, and the infrared... and I hear now they have colonics! ohh the good life, enjoy!

  3. Claudia hilarious that you call colonics the good life!! ;)
    Hopefully reading about it will be a good experience and not inducing jealousy for anyone :)(especially in cold old england!)

  4. Dear Mel
    Hope you enjoy your trip and practice. I spent a month in Clayton's room in SF once. We once had a diaspora of students and we all went to different teachers; I eventually went to a different one. He is by the book, so if certain things are not going really well, a person would not be advanced in the series. I learned how to do Garba Pindasana from him.

  5. Thanks Atruro - and this is music to my ears as I am struggling so much with garbha still!! Had our first meeting with him this evening and a little stretching and kirtan to end, seems lovely...first mysore practice tomorrow, I will report back!