Sunday, 23 October 2011

At last


This is your final confirmation to study with sharath at KPJAYI, we have received your online registration form and it has been accepted by us. You can come according to your dates that you have mentioned in your online form.
For now it is sure that Sharath will be teaching until 6th april 2012, so you can study with him till then. 
Do bring this Confirmation print out, you will have to show this on your arrival to register in person at KPJAYI, Mysore.

If you have any clarifications, please write or call.

Thank you,
This, after a month of waiting and *three* emails to chase. Mysore here I come!


  1. Great news!!! Very exciting... All is coming

  2. WOOHOO! I am VERY excited for you! And excited for me because I'll get to read about it?

  3. I'll see you there! What's your start date?

  4. I just love the Indian english of the email :)

    Ellie I will arrive at the beginning of February. I think I need to compile a list of who I'm likely to be there at the same time as me so that I: 1. make sure I get to meet everyone and 2. don't freak out about the idea of travelling to a new city in india by myself!
    Laura you *bet* you'll be hearing all about it :)

  5. That's such good news Mel, you will love it here, I'm so glad I decided to come.