Saturday, 7 August 2010

1 day in August

It's been a funny old week (more on that later). But after getting myself into a highly irritated and irritable state on Thursday evening I decided it was time to do something a bit different. So from the moment I woke up on Friday morning until I went to bed, I photographed my whole day. And given that the idea of doing this was primarily to turn my day around and have some fun, I can say that it was a total success! I especially enjoyed the reactions I got from the people around me when I asked permission to photograph the man selling me my morning croissant...I started the day with a smile, and went to greater lengths than normal to make my day interesting. It was a fun experiment and something I would love to repeat - the possibilities are endless! And of course it will be so interesting to look back on in years to come, your everyday reality seems mundane at the time but how fascinating is it when you come across the odd old photo of your office, or a house you used to live in, a car you used to have? It's shame we so often take more pictures of high days and holidays than we do of our everyday lives.

Anyway I've talked enough - here is the link to the pictures along with a few pictures from the album - just one further bit of explanation before I do though! This wasn't about creating beautiful photographs, which would have meant me standing back from life and observing. This was about taking pictures which captured my normal life, and for the most part I took pictures as I walked - hence the imperfect quality in places! 

One slightly odd request - if you see fit to comment on any of the photos on Flickr please don't mention this blog as I am also linking to the album via facebook and my nearest and dearest don't know that this Mum's the word.

Arrival at Yoga...the only photos exclusion zone for the day!

And that's a little taster - if you would like to see more, you can view my Flickr album here: 1dayinAugust.


  1. What a great idea to brighten the day

  2. PS Just walked past a cinema with a giant advert for the new film of your favourite book, EPL, staring Julia Roberts.

  3. I love this! Though from the full set on Flickr you really, reall need to go to bed earlier! Do you often get so little sleep?!

  4. Thanks guys, it DEFINITELY brightened my day on Friday, and I really needed it! It was lots of fun to do :)
    Kevin - we have to wait until September to see the film here!
    R - that was an extra specially late night, normally I get to bed about 10.30ish, but it *was* Friday afterall! I did make up for it with a horribly embarrassing sleep-binge though...I woke up at 1pm.

  5. Ah, OK, so I can stop fretting about your sleep deprivation then! Though even 10.30 is a late one for me, and I get up a little later than you.