Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Slow down...

Thank you for the reminder London Underground (and Gandhi). I will resist the temptation to make a cynical comment about it being within the Underground's interests to convince us we don't need to be anywhere in a hurry...

This also brings to mind the phrase Sharath is so fond of (and even in the 1 led class I ever took with him he said it): "No hurry, no worry..."

But I noticed lately that even when I am not in a rush, I rush. After my hip-releasing-osteo appointment last week I realised how much tension I hold in my hips, which is even noticeable in the tilt of my pelvis (sorry, is that a little bit TMI?) and the speed at which I walk. Try it - when you are rush-rush-rushing, take a moment to release tension in your hips, tilt your pelvis back, and see what happens - can you still keep rushing? In my case the answer is no. So step one, having noticed this tendency, has been to stop rushing just from habit. I don't always need to be somewhere in a hurry, and when that is the case, do I really need to do the double-overtaking manoeuvre in the walkway to the Waterloo & City line? Do I need to huff and puff when the driver announces that the train is being held in the station? Of course not. All I need to do is breathe and accept whatever is being thrown at me, and do all that I can to accept it with a relaxed body and mind - being stressed about it doesn't change the status quo and actually just makes it worse. 

Step two of this is to not always be procrastinating and time-wasting so that I'm not having to rush about so often, but that bit is much more difficult to fix! I seem to find plenty of time to waste online every day and evening, but when it comes to things I need to do (or even want to do) I "don't have enough time" - even when it comes to taking long hot baths and getting to bed early - and these are not exactly unpleasant things! I don't know where this resistance comes from, I think it is my tamasic energy and a sort of inertia. It also stems from a slightly compulsive nature (an ashtangi with a touch of OCD? surely not!!) and maybe is just a part of my character. But I know that change is possible, and if I can, this is what I would like to change. So what can I do to get a bit more proactive and a bit less time-wasting? Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted! Meanwhile I will just give myself a pat on the back for using the hour before I go to meet a friend for dinner to blog - how's that for time-efficient? :)


  1. This is something I'm working on too! Especially, the procrastination! Which usually leads to more stress because I have even LESS time to do something because I waste time either avoiding it or over-thinking it instead of DOING it. Being proactive is certainly empowering and I love it when I am - I WILL be more proactive. Remember, Yoda, "Do or do not..there is no try."

    On that note..i am going to start packing! X

  2. I've learnt not to rush if I don't have too, but I have not done much with my procrastination :(. But I did find a good blog to inspire me with lots of tips http://zenhabits.net

  3. I'm like that willing the tube doors to shut to be on my way, LOL double overtake in Drain tunnel! Its frustration stress, because you cant do anything about it.

    I think if I rush then it will give me more time for the things I actually enjoy doing, but it never seems to work out.

    Online time just seems to expand, you think I'll just spend 20 minutes, then an hour has gone by. Its worse now with broadband, when i was on dial up paying by the minute I wasted much less time online.

  4. Jen - we will gather tips & we can try them together! Sounds like you need them too Kevin! Have been reading a bit about burning tapas - if it starts to make sense will update you.

    Thanks for the link Toby - and for delurking!! I will check it out later but looks good from an initial squiz. And I know I was talking about this in the changing room this morning too, I'm like a celeb on the chat-show circuit with a movie to plug ;)

  5. No advice from here I'm afraid, I've got to be the worst for time-wasting... but I have to comment just to say - 'I think it is my tamasic energy' - are you having a laugh??? That totally cracked me up, you are like, one of the least tamasic people I know (not that I know anything about it...)

    Hey Toby (no hurt feelings by the way that you've never commented on MY blog... snif)... I forgot to ask you this morning, what made you think that I go to that market to eat??

  6. love the contrast between your & my backbend avatars Susan!! And comment rivalry - fabulous!

    But really, you should see me at home - I can fall into a complete state of inertia, I have two states - ON or OFF...though less so lately, as I have been all go-go-go (bloody social life!).
    It was one of the things I noticed the most after my first retreat (and intro to ashtanga), when I came home I had lost that state where it could take me 10 minutes to get up off the sofa to go to bed, or even to switch off the shower. But it did creep back in - though I suppose on balance, it's a lot less than it used to be. I guess the main problem now is my time-wasting...am considering a technology break but can't quite bring myself to do it.

  7. Damn now I feel bad Susan :(, I've even been reading your blog longer *grin*, I will have to make up for it :). I had coffee with a few others on Friday after class and I was talking about the great coffee and food near where I work and someone mentioned it must be the same place you go too. You should try it they have a great vegetarian curry stand, 2 curries and dhal and different ones each day, Whitecross Street Market.

    I saw this and had to add it to the thread http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/06/this-is-why-ill-never-be-adult.html as it sums everything up quite well, enjoy.

  8. Coffee after Friday practice, is this what happens while I am procrastinating post-shower? ;)

    Thank you SO much for that link Toby, as predicted I laughed my head off - literally!! You know when something just strikes a nerve and you laugh way more than you should - but I was trying to keep it inside because I was meant to be working...a bit like the first time I saw LOLcats (I know, they shouldn't be so funny but they just are). I loved the drawings & it is just soooo true, thank you for sharing!

  9. Sure does ;D
    haha, I love lolcats I using them as motivation on work days :) do some work, read a lolcat ....

  10. That's the kind of motivational tip I need!! With me it's more like:
    twitter > facebook > hotmail > blogger > hmm...bored now, shall I do some work for 5 minutes > repeat for 7 hours....