Thursday, 17 December 2009

Finding my Christmas calm...

Like most other people, I am finding myself getting  a bit stressed and strung out in the pre-Christmas madness. If you could play out my internal dialogue it would go a bit like this: "If I go and collect my Indian visa in the afternoon then I can stop by and pick up my brother-in-law's present I have on hold then I need to get the christmas card for my nieces and then I can catch the post then that should give me time to leave work on time for the Christmas party and then I can work late tomorrow to try and get through the backlog..." and all this while I'm eating breakfast.

While I was observing all of these thoughts I was struck with a realisation: everything I have to be stressed about is something else I have to be grateful for. Running around trying to find appropriate gifts for everyone? I have a family and friends who I love. Stressed at work and trying to get everything done before Christmas? I have a job, and one in which I am (at last) busy. Worrying that I'm not prepared for my trip to India? I am so lucky that I'm in a position to be going away.
The prospect of not being stressed in the run-up to Christmas would probably mean that my life was very different. True it's hard to find time for yoga (let alone sleep) when things are like this but knowing that in just over two weeks I will be in Goa and practicing every day makes this a lot easier to accept. So that is all for today, a short & sweet post to remind myself of everything I have to be grateful for.


  1. I know what you mean, running out of days and time to get it all done, though thankfully all my present shopping amnd wrapping is done, not that there are many to get.

    I hope the concerts at Madame T's go well.

    Download the Kino podcasts, so you can listen to them on the plane!

  2. You're doing great! I am going to share your attitude. No presents bought yet here, at all..... help....

  3. hi susan, well honestly this calm thing comes & goes, but writing it down helped! I have finished my shopping now (I think) but haven't been practicing, and I bet you've been to far more parties than me too so I haven't found time for everything! Think I'm pretty sorted for India too, can't believe it's so soon now! When do you leave for Canada?

    kevin the first thing i will do once my shiny new ipod is fired up tomorrow will be to find kino's podcasts!

  4. I listened to one of Kino's podcasts last week,loved it look forward to listening to more, also booked on her workshop in March yeah! Richard Freeman matrix cd's also great, I probably said that already. Love it! Have a great time in Goa.

  5. Merry Christmas from Singapore, hope the concerts went ok.

  6. thanks kevin, yes despite the 2nd one nearly not happening due to snow the concerts went well - keep meaning to post something about them on here, my secret other hobby!!
    i am loving the kino podcasts, have loaded up my shiny new ipod (which will be kept away from water bottles) with the whole lot so i'm looking forward to catching up on them at some point.they may in fact be my salvation and sanctuary when the family thing gets a bit much!!

  7. Glad the concerts went ahead despite the weather.There was hardly any snow in London compared to 20 miles north-west where we are.

    Kino podcasts are great for the plane, when you get bored of the inflight entertainment.Have a great trip, you will have plenty of time to keep us updated on how its going, Bhuja will be yours.